Today marks the launch of my new Alan Sund Photography website – my Alan Sund Photography Instagram page – and my Alan Sund Photography Facebook page.  Go and take a look.  Enjoy the beauty of our world through perspectives and images that are different.

For those of you who are photographers yourselves…  We have all seen crowds of people, at famous destinations, all fighting to place their tripods in the same location as one of yesteryear’s Masters, attempting to recreate a famous composition.  Frankly, if we admit it to ourselves, we are all guilty of wanting those famous shots.  It is part of the experience of visiting grand landscapes.  But once captured, it is time to move on, to find one’s own view.

For me… it is now the time to tell my own story.  My photography endeavors to go beyond those well-known classic images, to offer you fresh and unique perspectives.  And so Alan Sund Photography has been launched to share with you my story, from my singular perspective.  Please participate in my story and join in my journey.

If you are not familiar with the Japanese terms of Wabi-Sabi and Yugen-bi – or if you do not understand their influence on my photography, my life, and my general aesthetic sense – you can learn more by going to my “About” page.

To see how these philosophies have been embraced and realized, visit my “Portfolios” page.  You can follow me as I frequently post to Instagram, and also stay in touch with me via my dedicated Facebook page.  To stay up to date on my projects, travels, and photographic adventures, follow my Blog page.

Thank you for being part of this photographic journey.


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