Late last year, a friend of mine, Brian Tramontana, and I were talking about how to push our photography to the next level. We all have famous/popular photographers whose work we admire…So, “What is the difference between their work and mine? What is the “It Factor” that is in their work, but seems to be missing in my work? What can I learn from them, that once incorporated into my own work would then elevate my images to a new height?"
So we challenged each other, and a few friends, to take a number of weeks to tackle a special project.
Brian and I had many heart felt and emotional discussions along the way. I treasured these tough-love discussions with Brian - he never let me get away with anything when he felt I could do better. Sadly, Brian suddenly passed away just as the deadline for this project approached. Meanwhile, I was in the beginnings of being diagnosed with some health issues of my own which would be taking me away from my photography for awhile. So with just a short window of opportunity available to me, and with Brian’s voice resonating in my ear, I was able to take a weekend away - to go shoot with focus and a clear purpose, to close out this special project, and to honor my friendship with a truly special man.  
Brian…  These are for you - I hope you approve.
And to you, a visitor to my web site and my Special Projects gallery…My selected photographer for this project is Michael Levin from Canada. You can see his work at https://www.michaellevin.ca/new-work