All sorts of mental images come to mind just by speaking the word, “Paris”.  The flood gates opened in my mind about a week ago as I was informed “We need you to travel for One Day in Paris”.

With that simple phrase, my mind flooded almost instantaneously with memories of sites, sounds, smells, thoughts of food, bistros, crazy drivers, and Parisien people.

I am lucky enough to have called Paris “Home” for a couple years back in the 90’s.  But, at that time in my life, I did not have a camera – way before smartphones with cameras existed – and so I have almost no photographs from my time in Paris.

After 15+ years of being away, I was able to return – but only for a one day business trip.  Frankly – the trip was for an important meeting during the lunch-hour.

So…  I now get to say, “I flew to Paris for Lunch!!!”

I must say…  it was quite eventful, given it was such a short trip…

  • It was raining (on and off) so hard the Seine was still flooding
  • There were a few demonstrations going on – sadly, with police and student fatalities
  • I was reunited with the French national hobby – STRIKES!  (the French Air Traffic Controllers were on strike)
  • The Euro-cup soccer match was ongoing – and you could find many parties of international fans and “Hooligans” all over the city
  • I was amazed that my French language abilities did not let me down – well at least 90% of the time
  • I got to eat real Steak-frites with real Belgian beer in a real French bistro near the Louvre and Rue Rivoli
  • I could bring some tea home from my favorite French tea shop (Marriage Freres) – oh, the smells there are wonderful!
  • They STILL drive like crap in Paris! (not to mention the parking!!!)
  • I reconfirmed that I hate wearing a suit & tie in high humidity!

Anyway…  I only had the One Day in Paris – so I got out at sunrise (5:30AM) and out again at sunset (around 9:30-10:00PM) to try to capture a few images.

My final images are a little different than my normal style – but it is always fun to try something new.

Thought I would share – so please click on my Recent Work portfolio and take a look.  Hope you enjoy.

A Bientot!

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