September 7, 2016By Alan SundTravel

Recently, I had the chance to return to one of my favorite cities – Seattle. Throughout the trip, that little voice repeatedly whispered, “Remember”. A lesson learned that applies to so many aspects of my life. Such as… Remember that Seattle is the place where I was born – and will always be a home for me, no … Read More

One Day in Paris

June 21, 2016By Alan SundTravel

All sorts of mental images come to mind just by speaking the word, “Paris”.  The flood gates opened in my mind about a week ago as I was informed “We need you to travel for One Day in Paris”. With that simple phrase, my mind flooded almost instantaneously with memories of sites, sounds, smells, thoughts … Read More

Abstract Thoughts in Seattle

March 4, 2016By Alan SundTravel

This last weekend, I spent a couple days in Seattle.  I love going to Seattle – or almost anywhere in the Pacific North West for that matter.  But the “excuse” I used this time was to sit-in on Art Wolfe’s new “Photography as Art” seminar which focused greatly upon opening one’s mind to see the … Read More