“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better” ~ Albert Einstein

As a photographer, I see the subtle yet profound beauty in the world. I strive to capture images that express the essence of Nature and to inspire others to see beauty within their lives. My photographic images are greatly influenced by the eloquent Japanese terms Wabi-Sabi and Yugen-bi.

Wabi-Sabi has aesthetic and philosophical meanings about the nature of art and life. It embraces qualities of tranquil simplicity and rustic elegance, while appreciating transient nature and imperfect beauty.

Yugen-bi refers to an awareness of the universe that triggers a subtle yet profound experience that is both mysterious and too deep for words. And my logo’s Shodo (Japanese calligraphy) was born from the 3 characters, for “Yu”, “Gen”, and “Bi”, which were hand painted in an ancient style.

Thank you for being interested in my photography. Please click on “Portfolios” to view my images which bring the beauty in nature, art and life into finer focus.


"Alan's crisp, vibrant images take our web pages to the next level. His unique style highlights every feather's exquisite shape and color in a way rarely captured. We are so grateful for his help in showcasing the beauty of our resident raptors."  ~  Teton Raptor Center

"I have had the pleasure of working with Alan to publish some of his work.  His images capture an artistic elegant simplicity of composition and light and, in the case of the 'Permission to Land' swan photograph, an additional light-hearted humor component engages the viewer.  Alan Sund’s photographic vision is extraordinary."  ~ Tom Haseltine

Portrait by: © Diana Barbatti/dianabarbatti.com